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Dettol Dish Gel Lemon, 200 ml

Lemon Liquid DishwashProtects from 100 illness causing germs on utensils and kitchen surfacesIt cuts..

Rs.60.00 Ex Tax: Rs.60.00

Dettol Dish Gel Lemon, 400 ml

Trusted Dettol Protection for a truly healthy kitchenKills 99.9% of invisible germs on utensils &..

Rs.110.00 Ex Tax: Rs.110.00

Dettol Dish Gel Lime, 400 ml

Lime400ml bottleKills 99.9% germs on utensils and kitchen surfaces..

Rs.110.00 Ex Tax: Rs.110.00

Dettol Dish Gel Lime, 750 ml

Excellent clean99% germ protectionUnique formulaRemoves tough stains750ml..

Rs.180.00 Ex Tax: Rs.180.00

Exo Dish Shine Tub 500 g

Cleans utensilsZero wastage500g..

Rs.45.00 Ex Tax: Rs.45.00

Exo Dish Wash Bar Round, 700 g

EffectiveKills germsRemoves tough stainsSkin friendlyQuick cleaning..

Rs.60.00 Ex Tax: Rs.60.00

Member's Mark Dish Wash Bar 500 g

Effectively cleans utensilsLeaves vessels sparkling clean..

Rs.42.00 Ex Tax: Rs.42.00

Pril Dishwash Liquid Green, 2 Litre

Removes tough grease and food odourDisinfectsGreen2L..

Rs.350.00 Ex Tax: Rs.350.00

Right Buy Dish Wash Tub 400 g

Effectively cleans utensilsLeaves utensils sparkling clean400g..

Rs.30.00 Ex Tax: Rs.30.00

Vim Dish Wash Bar 145 g

Contains lemonsFor sparkling clean utensils145g..

Rs.10.00 Ex Tax: Rs.10.00

Vim Dish Wash Gel Pouch 500 ml

Power of lime, vinegar and green teaEffectively removes grease and oil stainsOffers clean, shiny and..

Rs.95.00 Ex Tax: Rs.95.00

Vim Dishwash Bar 300 g

Contains lemonRemoves tough grease320g..

Rs.24.00 Ex Tax: Rs.24.00

Vim Dishwash Bar Pack of 254 g X 3 U

Contains lime, vinegar and green tea254g3 units..

Rs.47.00 Ex Tax: Rs.47.00

Vim Dishwash Liquid 1.5 Litre

Concentrated dishwash gelContains lemon for cleaning tough greaseAvailable in a 1.5L pet bottle..

Rs.280.00 Ex Tax: Rs.280.00

Vim Dishwash Powder 1 kg

Removes grease and stains with no messSmells fresh with natural lemon fragranceContains lemon for cl..

Rs.25.00 Ex Tax: Rs.25.00

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