Sanitary Napkins

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Sofy Sanitary Napkin Bodyfit Antibacteria, Xl


Rs.295.00 Ex Tax: Rs.295.00

Sofy Sanitary Napkin Bodyfit Overnight, XXL 5 U
Sofy Sanitary Napkin Dry XL, 12 U

Unique flexible side walls with wingsSuper absorbent core with gelImproved double anti-leak press li..

Rs.95.00 Ex Tax: Rs.95.00

Stayfree Sanitary Napkin Dry Max, All Night, 14 U

Extra long and wide backDry max coverGel based anti-leak coreOdour control18 anti-leak channelsPack ..

Rs.150.00 Ex Tax: Rs.150.00

Stayfree Sanitary Napkin Dry Max, All Night, 28 U

Ideal for use at nightSuperior protection18 anti-leakage channelsSoft cottony coverPack of 28 units..

Rs.315.00 Ex Tax: Rs.315.00

Stayfree Sanitary Napkin Secure Cottony Soft, 7 U

Cottony soft padsGives a comfortable touchComes with easy wrap to disposePack of 7 units..

Rs.37.00 Ex Tax: Rs.37.00

Stayfree Sanitary Napkin Secure Cottony Soft, 8 U

Four anti-leak channelsWith soft coverExtra long length for extra protectionExtremely hygienicPack o..

Rs.30.00 Ex Tax: Rs.30.00

Stayfree Sanitary Napkin Secure dry, 7 U

Makes you feel dry and comfortableSoft cottony wingsDry net coverFour anti-leak channelsPack of 7 un..

Rs.37.00 Ex Tax: Rs.37.00

Stayfree Sanitary Napkin Secure dry, 7 U

Maximum protectionCottony wingsDry and comfortable feelOdour control technologyPack of 8 units..

Rs.32.00 Ex Tax: Rs.32.00

Stayfree Sanitary Napkin Secure Dry, XL with Wings, 7 U

Anti-leak channelsCottony soft coverFeatures wings to hold it in placePrevents side leakageExtra lar..

Rs.37.00 Ex Tax: Rs.37.00

Whisper Choice Sanitary Napkin Xl, 6 U


Rs.36.00 Ex Tax: Rs.36.00

Whisper Sanitary Napkin Maxi, 8 U

Extra long length and wide backDri-Weave top coverSuper fit cushion fits to the bodyPack of 15 units..

Rs.77.00 Ex Tax: Rs.77.00

Whisper Sanitary Napkin Ultra XL, 7 U

Soft outer coverGentle on skin40% longer than ordinary padOdour fighting technologyPack of 7 units..

Rs.80.00 Ex Tax: Rs.80.00

Whisper Sanitary Napkin Ultra, 15 U

20% longer than ordinary padFour times more absorbencyLong lasting protectionDri-weave coverPack of ..

Rs.143.00 Ex Tax: Rs.143.00

Whisper Sanitary Napkin Ultra, Over Night, 30 U

Specially designed for Overnight usageLong length and wide back5 times more absorbency than ordinary..

Rs.330.00 Ex Tax: Rs.330.00

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