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Colgate Cibaca Toothbrush Pack of 12 U

Good quality bristlesPerfect cleaningPrevents tooth decayClassic styled toothbrushPack of 12 units..

Rs.168.00 Ex Tax: Rs.168.00

Colgate Toothbrush 360 Degree, Base

96% bacteria removalProtects gumsCheek and tongue cleanerTapered bristles360 degree clean ..

Rs.89.00 Ex Tax: Rs.89.00

Colgate Toothbrush Sensitive, Buy 2 get 1 Free

Soft bristlesDesigned for sensitive teethComplete cleanPrevents germ build-upBuy 2 get 1 free..

Rs.98.00 Ex Tax: Rs.98.00

Colgate Toothbrush Super Flexi, Twin Pack Of 6

Hard bristlesPerfect cleanFlexiblePack of 6..

Rs.174.00 Ex Tax: Rs.174.00

Oral B All Rounder Tooth Brush Cavity Defense 123, Twin Pack
Oral B Tooth Brush Fresh Clean, Pack of 6 U

Premium quality soft bristlesRemoves odour causing bacteriaMulti level bristlesGrip HandleWith tongu..

Rs.264.00 Ex Tax: Rs.264.00

Oral B Tooth Brush Gum Care 720, Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Improves gum healthRemove up to 99% plaqueSoft crisscross bristlesTextured tongue cleanerMassages gu..

Rs.170.00 Ex Tax: Rs.170.00

Oral B Tooth Brush Super Thin, Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Super fine bristlesGentle cleaningRounded bristles headsExtra softCombi offer(Buy 2 get 1 free)..

Rs.110.00 Ex Tax: Rs.110.00

Oral B Toothbrush 123, Tooth Brush Medium, Pack Of 6 U

3 way cleanMedium typeHealthier gumsPack of 6..

Rs.168.00 Ex Tax: Rs.168.00

Oral B Toothbrush Cross Action Medium, Pack Of 6 U

Soft gum stimulatorsIndicatorCriss-cross bristlesTongue cleanerErgonomic designPack of 6..

Rs.450.00 Ex Tax: Rs.450.00

Oral B Toothbrush Soft, Buy 2 Get 1 Free


Rs.150.00 Ex Tax: Rs.150.00

Pepsodent Soft Toothbrush, Gum Care, Pack Of 6 U

Soft toothbrushDesigned exclusively for gum careFlexible structure for effective cleaningFit for dai..

Rs.300.00 Ex Tax: Rs.300.00

Sensodyne Expert Toothbrush


Rs.90.00 Ex Tax: Rs.90.00

Sensodyne Toothbrush Buy 2 get 1 FREE, Sensitive

Soft bristlesDesigned for sensitive teethComplete cleanPrevents germ build-upBuy 2 get 1 free..

Rs.100.00 Ex Tax: Rs.100.00

Sensodyne Toothbrush Sensitive

Soft round bristlesDome-shaped headFor sensitive teethPrevents germ build-upQuantity: 1..

Rs.50.00 Ex Tax: Rs.50.00

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