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Axe After Shave Lotion Denim, 50 ml

Gives you a fresh feelKeeps your skin softGets absorbed by your skin quicklyPleasant fragranceAvaila..

Rs.120.00 Ex Tax: Rs.120.00

Gillette Foam Regular, 196 g

Lemon-lime flavourRich, thick and creamy latherComfort Glide formulaSmooth and soft skinUltimate cit..

Rs.165.00 Ex Tax: Rs.165.00

Gillette Foam Regular, 418 g

Gillette Comfort Glide formulaRich and creamy latherSpreads and rinses easilySmooth and soft skin418..

Rs.219.00 Ex Tax: Rs.219.00

Gillette Foam Sensitive, 418 g

Moisturizes and protects skin against irritationFor sensitive skinLightly fragrancedGillette Comfort..

Rs.219.00 Ex Tax: Rs.219.00

Gillette Shave Gel Moist, 60 g

With aloe veraFor sensitive skinHigh-grade emollientsWith Vitamin EShave gel60g..

Rs.79.00 Ex Tax: Rs.79.00

Gillette Shaving Gel Ultra Comfort, 60 g

Has Jojoba oilEffective lubricantsEasy glideFor sensitive skinShaving gel60g..

Rs.79.00 Ex Tax: Rs.79.00

Old Spice Shaving Cream Original, 70 g

Rich latherirresistible fragranceHigh lubricating qualityEasy gliding70g..

Rs.65.00 Ex Tax: Rs.65.00

Park Avenue Shaving Travel Pack Good Morning, 70 g Shaving Cream + 50 ml After Shave

Rich latherWith Tea tree oilMenthol formulaWith bacteria shieldEasy glide..

Rs.163.00 Ex Tax: Rs.163.00

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